About Us


E. Elgressy ltd is a leading manufacturer of Electrochemical systems:

Chemical free technologies at the forefront of technological innovation, research and development.
Elgressy systems provide enhanced water treatment, Groundwater and soil remediation without using

chemical products that are reliable and efficient.
Low operation and maintenance costs.

Reduced water consumption.

Recyclable wastewater.




SPR (scale precipitation removing) Cooling tower treatment.

Chlorin8or® - Chlorine production.


Defender - Oxygen production.


E.F (Electro-Fenton) Remediation of groundwater chlorinated by solvents.

E.K® (Electro kinetic) Heavy metal removing

E.B.R® (Electro Bio-Remediation) Groundwater remediation

S.R soil remediation

C.P Cathodic protection

E.ELGRESSY Ltd was founded 40 years ago by Elie Elgressy, and is still managed by him.

The company has expanded its activities in Israel,Spain, France, England, Switzerland, Mexico, India and others countries


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